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3D Gear Large Building Blocks

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The kids are going to LOVE these awesome 3D Gear Large Building Block toys!

These gears and Lego-style pieces can be used in thousands of different ways to create buildings, towers, platforms and more.

Just put the blocks and gear pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle and let the kids create their own themes and worlds. 

Complete with battery-powered motion, spinning gears, and other moving pieces.  for more hours of fun and play.

Helps develop hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, creativity, color and shape recognition, spatial imagination ability and problem-solving skills.

Keep your little ones happy for hours on end!

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Bricks and gears with big, easy-to-assemble blocks

Bright, vibrant color variations

81 Pieces and be mixed and match to create buildings, towers, platforms and more

A playful way to build your child's creative skills and imagination

Functional, battery-powered moving pieces like a swing and seesaw

Includes stickers to make each piece unique


Material: ABS Plastic

AA Battery required (not included)

Quantity: 81pcs/set

Size: 17cm x 22cm x 23cm (6.6" x 8.6" x 9")