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4D Straw Building Blocks

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Your kids will have so much playing with this!  

If your kids love building, then they will LOVE these straw building blocks. 

Just put the staw pipes together using the included locks to create unique 4D structures.

Let the kiddos go wild in making their own air crafts, villas, doors, and more. 

Mix and match patterns and get their creative juices flowing! 

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 Enhances creativity and imaginative thinking

Colorful pieces




Easy to use

Age Range: > 3 years old


100pcs/set= 50pcs straw + 50pcs locks

200pcs/set= 100pcs straw + 100pcs locks

300pcs/set= 150pcs straw + 150pcs locks

400pcs/set= 200pcs straw + 200pcs locks

500pcs/set= 250pcs straw + 250pcs locks

600pcs/set= 300pcs straw + 300pcs locks

700pcs/set= 350pcs straw + 350pcs locks


Material: Eco-friendly Plastic (ABS)  

Gender: Unisex 

Size: about 20 * 0.5 cm/7.8in*.19in