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Baby Bibs

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The only bib you'll ever need for your baby!  

Save yourself from all the mess with our cute and reliable baby bibs. 

Just wear it over the back of your baby's shoulder using the adjustable buttons and you don't have to have to worry about icky stuff getting on your baby's clothes. 

It has a large catch-all pocket for holding crumbs, spit-ups, and spills. 

When you are done using it, just clean, roll it up or fold it up, and bring it with you anywhere! 

Use it when your little one is painting, playing, or anytime they need a little help in staying clean. 

The perfect solution for mess-free mealtimes and more!

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Keeps baby clean and protected from all sorts of mess

Comfortable to wear

Foldable design


Adjustable locks

Adjustable closure

Easy to clean


Material: Silica gel

Size: 31x23cm/12.2x9.05in