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Baby Feeding Pacifier

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 A fun, convenient, and safe way to introduce solid food to your baby!    

Designed to prevent choking and to keep your infant safe.

It has a silicone mesh that allows only the smallest pieces of food particles to pass through. 

Simply open the feeding pacifier and put in a small piece of fruit or vegetable, and lock the handle. 

Your baby's gnawing action will mash the food up, keeping mealtimes mess-free.

It can also provide teething relief for sore gums.

Getting your little one to try out different kinds of food has never been easier!  

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Encourage your baby to self-feed and try out different flavors

Feed your baby hands-free

Introduce your baby to nutritious food option at an early age

Includes a dust cover so you can bring it with you wherever you go

Ideal for babies aged 4 months old and above


Material: Silicone


Please choose the correct size for your baby

Small (For babies over 4 months) 3.3cm x 4cm  (1.2in x 1.5in)
Medium (For babies over 6 months)
3.3cm x 4.2cm (1.2in x 1.65in)
Large (For babies over 8 months)
3.3cm x 4.5cm (1.2in x 1.7in)