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Baby Swim Trainer

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The safest way for your child to enjoy the water this summer

Forget slippery, unsafe PVC rubber rings that provide no support or safety for your  child in the water, you need something new

The baby swim trainer is the safest and most comfortable solution for your child when enjoying the pool or beach this summer...

Here's why:

Comfort - the swim trainer is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort that allows your baby to swim on their belly at the natural 45° position in the water

Safety - the unique underarm harness system ensures you child is completely safe whilst in the water. With a secure velcro vest around the torso, shoulder straps secured with large buttons and a safety buckle between the legs they're kept secure without the risk of slipping or restricted movement while paddling.  

Buoyancy - the wide dimensions and special PearlFoam™ material make the float extremely buoyant and stable when in the water. The front of the float is higher than the rest to prevent accidental tipping or flipping without preventing your child from being able to touch or see the water

Air free - made with high quality, highly durable and eco-friendly PearlFoam™, there's no need for inflation and zero risk of deflating. This premium material is moisture proof and very breathable. It is baby skin-friendly and suitable for babies with sensitive skin. 

Perfect for use in the pool or on the beach, it's a great training aid for those just learning to swim or for slightly more experienced children that still need a helping hand in the water.

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Ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort

Unique underarm harness system

No slipping, movement is not restricted

- child cannot slip through harness and movement is not restricted

Highly buoyant PearlFoam™ material

Air free - no chance of deflation

Baby skin friendly

Perfect for the pool or beach

Made from non toxic foam, 100% safe for kids


Material: Environmentally friendly foam

Suitable for ages 3-24 months