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Car Adventure Track

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 These adventure tracks are taking the toy world by storm and for a good reason!

Built like a maze, it's perfect for endless car adventures and hours of educational play.

Kids will love racing on the tracks, conveyor belt, and bridges, while figuring out how the corresponding switches will keep the cars in constant motion. 

With 3 cars, 6 switches, and several track levels, your little racer will never run out of racing obstacles. 

This is sure to keep them entertained for hours on end, no batteries required! 

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Improves children's hand-eye coordination

Promotes STEAM learning

Encourages kids to think creatively.

Safe and secure

Suitable for kids older than 6 years old

Inclusions: 1 railcar toy and 3 cars


Material: Plastic

Size: 33*32.5*18cm/12.9x12.7x7.08in