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Foldable Watercolor Kit

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Bring out the artist in your child!

This portable watercolor kit is perfect for creating art on the go!

It has everything a budding artist needs to get started! 

The watercolor kit conveniently fans out to reveal 18, 25, 33, or 42 bright and beautiful colors. 

Ideal for quick doodles, cardmaking, painting, and creating different kinds of art. 

Includes a smart watercolor brush that you can fill with water… so your child doesn’t have to create a mess when painting. 

Also has a retractable palette for mixing colors and a portable sponge for water absorption. 

Lightweight and collapses easily… Can be easily slipped to your child’s backpack when you're traveling. 

Bright, smooth, and long-lasting colors… Great for creating colorful masterpieces that you’ll treasure for life.

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Foldable and practical design

Includes a portable sponge and a refillable paintbrush

Bright colors

High color density

Good diffusion and color transparency

Enjoy hassle-free painting wherever you go


Size: Choose from 18, 25,33, or 42 colors