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Glowing Race Track

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 Ready, set, glow!

This flexible glowing race track lets the kids create their own customized speedway in seconds.

Just let them snap the pieces together and change the direction and shape of the tracks according to how they want- the possibilities are endless!

Then, turn out the lights and see how the colorful tracks glow in the dark

They'll love watching the included electric vehicles go round and round the tracks, providing hours of fun and entertainment. 

An awesome toy to light up the room and your child's imagination. 

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Customizable rail track

Bend, flex, and curve the tracks any way you want

Easy to assemble

Glow in the dark

No battery included

Combine more sets for more fun

Suitable for kids ages 3 and up


Material:Eco-friendly ABS plastic

Suitable Age: 3Y Above 

Set   Inclusions
88 pieces 88 track pieces + 1 LED car (random color)
168 pieces
168 track pieces + 1 LED car (random color)
248 pieces
248 track pieces + 1 LED car (random color)
488 pieces
488 track pieces + 2 LED cars (random color) + bridge set
488 pieces with 2 cars
488 track pieces + 3 LED cars (random color) + bridge set 
+ 2 sub forks
568 pieces 568 track pieces + 3 LED cars  (random color)+ bridge set
648 pieces
648 track pieces + 3 LED cars
(random color)+ bridge set + 2 sub forks