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Magic Cube Puzzle Game

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Can't decide who's better at solving puzzles? 

This fast-paced game is like Rubik's cube... but with a competitive twist!

Great way to get your child's brain and fingers working... pretty fun for adults too!

Slide the tiles on the game plate as fast as possible and arrange the center to match the 3x3 pattern on the scrambler. 

First one to get a match and slam down the frame wins!

Just shake the scrambler again to get a new pattern and start a new game. 

Get a mind stimulating workout while bonding with friends, family, and kids.

 Enjoy an intellectual sense of accomplishment with every game!

Do you think you can solve it faster than a kid? :)

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Improves logical thinking and strategizing skills

Great for hours of fun and bonding

Easy to clean and store

Includes: 2 game plates, 1 frame connector, 1 scramber, and 48 colored tiles.


Material: ABS

Item size: 34.5 * 17 * 17cm / 13.58 * 6.69 * 6.69in