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Magnetic Alphabet Drawing Board

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Encourage learning during playtime with this Magnetic Alphabet Drawing Board      

This one-of-a-kind learning tool comes with a magnetic pen and a bead board designed to give your child early writing lessons. 

More fun to use than regular pen and paper!

Provides an immersive learning experience that will help your child process and remember information better!

Simply let your child trace the magnetic pen over the letter/number patterns and the beads will pop to the surface with an audible sound.

 Push the beads back down with your finger or with the side of your stylus pen and begin writing all over again!

Enjoy hours of fun and learning with no mess

Makes great gifts for toddlers and kids.

Teachers will also benefit from having this in their classrooms. 

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An educational toy designed to help kids learn about numbers and the alphabet

Magnetic pen that pulls beads to the surface with an audible click

Available styles: Number bead board, alphabet bead board


    Material: Metal, Plastic

    Board Size: 31.5cm x 26cm (12.40" x 10.23")

    Pen Length: Approx. 9cm (3.54")