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Magnetic Puzzle Box

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Unleash your child's creativity! 

This double-sided kiddie easel comes with endless possibilities that offer your little artist freedom to experiment, play, and learn.

It features a magnetic whiteboard on one side and a magnetic erasable chalkboard on the other. Perfect for drawing, doodling, scribbling and writing.

Each set comes with at least 100 colorful magnetic pieces, chalk, ink pen, eraser and manual

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One side blackboard, one side whiteboard

Easy to store 

Plenty of storage

Fun and educational to play

Age range: >3 years old


Material: Wood

Size: 30.8cm x 3.8 cm x 23.5cm (12.1" x 1.5" x 9.2")

Style Pieces   Inclusions
Circus 100 Chalk + Ink pen + eraser + manual
Animal 105 Chalk + Ink pen + eraser + manual
Vehicle 110 Chalk + Ink pen + eraser + manual
Mermaid 100 Chalk + Ink pen + eraser + manual