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Short Sleeved Breastfeeding T-Shirt

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If you're breastfeeding you're going to love this stylish t-shirt

A discreet opening allows you to breastfeed conveniently and privately in public.

Incredibly simple and yet effortlessly stylish, this fabulous breastfeeding t-shirt is made in soft and comfortable fabric, breathable for breastfeeding mamas.

Super convenient and fast for nursing both in and out of the house!

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    Material: Cotton Blend

     Size  Top Length  Bust  Waist
     S  68cm (26.8")  92cm (36.22")  88.5cm (34.8")
     M  69cm (27.2")  96cm (37.8")  92.5cm (36.4")
     L  70cm (27.6")  100cm (39.4")  96.5cm (38")
     XL  71cm (28")  104cm (41")  100.5cm (39.6)
     XXL  72cm (28.35")  108cm (42.52")  104.5cm (41.4")