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Transformer Robot Watch

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Here's something that will surely get your child's attention!  

A watch that turns into a robot! 

This unique digital wristwatch easily transforms into a robot ready for action.  

No tools necessary - just rotate the parts according to the instructions to see the transformation. 

It's easy to do but still challenging enough to keep your child hooked.  

Do it while waiting for the bus or train! 

It's a fascinating toy and accessory that will keep your child entertained anytime, anywhere.

Also makes a great gift for kids older than 3 years old. 

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Interactive watch that can be transformed into a toy

Comfortable for all-day wear

Electronic time display

Unique design that will capture your child's imagination


Requires 2 x 1.5v button batteries

Size: 18cm x 3.5cm (7in x 1.36in)